Corbello Loxstone is an interior design support company specializing in luxury storage solutions, made from brass, for wine lovers who want to display and store their exquisite bottle collections in the most stylish and simple ways. We want to diversify and make you rethink the way you organize and showcase your wine collection.

Our brand was born out of our passion and love for wine and everything around it, and we know a rare find is a type of beauty we want to display. We design various durable wine storage options including racks, holders and pegs for the empty walls in your home, restaurant, or any establishment with a wine collection and the potential to become classier because of the carefully arranged bottles on our options.


Brass Metal Wine Pins Pegs
Brass Metal Wine Pins Pegs Wine Wall
Brass Metal Wine Racks
Brass Metal Wine Pins Pegs
MT21 Metallum Tribus Wine Storage Rack
Brass Metal Wine Racks


Working predominantly in the Prime and Super Prime Residential and Hospitality market, Corbello Loxstone offers a wide variety of UK Manufactured Wine Pins, Wine Pegs, Wine Racks, Suspended Wine Racks.  We do all we can to match in with your current architectural metal finishes within your property to bring the perfect look of consistency to your project.

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